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Speak now, or forever hold your peace

Sorry Blue Bird Banter, I'm infringing on your territory with this one, but I thought it too funny to pass up. Consider this a supplement to this week's AL East Report if it really bothers you that much.

Anyways, Jays' aces Roy Halladay and A.J Burnett had a little fun with Jays middle infielders Russ Adams and Aaron Hill, making a mock wedding reception for the two at the Jays' complex in Dunedin yesterday. Thanks to breaking news coverage that only the fine folks at The Toronto Star can provide, we got all the details. Burnett and Halladay "covered all of their bases", literally, in planning the ceremony, which included catered food (in Dunedin, I'd hope it would be from C.C. Riders, some of the best seafood in Tampa Bay), a DJ, wedding gifts, all the usual trappings of a wedding.

Why do something like this? Apparently Hill and Adams got wind of Halladay inviting Burnett to be his training partner a few weeks ago, and so the two made T-Shirts for Burnett and Halladay that said "Brokeback Mound".

And the ceremony wasn't all. Burnett and Halladay also arranged for an ad plane to fly over tailing "Aaron, will you marry me? I love you. Russ." The two even decorated Hill's SUV, seen in the photo above. Among the signs on that SUV? "Watch us Turn Two Later Tonight". Classy. And in the third inning of the Jays-Phils game, another flyover came, this one saying "Congratulations, Aaron and Russ."

Well, this was kind of funny, but I hope Burnett didn't strain himself making preparations, after all, strain like that could cause him to miss four or five starts. And just wait until the Jays are floundering at midseason, at which point you may see a divorce.

Eddie Guardado

Meanwhile, the Seattle Times has a nice profile of legendary M's prankster Eddie Guardado

Like the girl you knew in high school

While we're at it, I'm gonna go ahead and link to this preview of the major leagues this year. You'll have to scroll down a bit, but it is there. It is an interesting, and certainly unique preview of all the teams, not using stats or anything, just comparing each team to people that you would run across in high school. Very funny. Here's what they had to say about the Rays.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Your brooding Goth kid. There's some dark cloud hanging over this kid, and you'll never quite know what it is. It's there though, and that's all that needs to be said. (Since not every AL East team could be a girl)