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Taverez Doing 10 Day in Penalty Box

I agree with Buster Olney that Selig and baseball is a joke by deciding to investigate Barry Bonds for steroids now.  Its like going after McDonalds for getting people fat when the data is out there that if you eat this stuff everyday you are not helping yourself. The signs were clearly out there for their taking, they choose just to ignore it. This is the case of rather than coming out and saying we messed up lets make it look like we are doing something. Its a total waste of time.  So are they going to waste a ton of cash just to look like they are handling this situation. Its very reactionary. Like Keith Olbermann eluded to today its a case of losing sponsorships that is driving this investigation. Just come clean, its a total mess. Jose Canseco will be remembered in the same way Curt Flood was.  He is one who helped make a signifcant change to the game. For Flood, it was free agency. For Canseco, the game will be clean.

Oh, Taverez gets what was due to him.