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Jake's Take: A Year Older, A Year, Nah same ol' Wiseguy(Part 1)

I love when Spring Training starts back up again, for many reasons. First off, it's the start of the new baseball season and all the hem-hawing of the off-season's doings and non-doings are things of the past. The 2nd reason why I love Spring Training is so much is because I know that my birthday is nearing. Yup, as of right now I have less than 24 hours remaining as a 22 yr old. Not that important birthday, by all means... Just means that I'm getting older.

The Life...and Death of "The Week in Rocc"/"The Rocc Says...", Jake hits Raystalk and then DRays Bay:

In 12 months, I wrote for 3 different blogs(I believe I have Patrick beat or tied). I began a blog during last year's Offseason entitled "The Week in Rocc", which was filled with ramblings, my thoughts on the Rays and other things. It had its successes, with interviews with many Rays-related guests and had a decent amount of comments per post. It lasted around 4-6 months when my workload and classload took the driver's seat, which was the dagger that slayed that mighty dragon.

During the end days of "TWIR", I joined my buddy Sam Killay of Rays Talk and became a co-writer there. I had a good amount of successes there, but trying to out-write Sam is like trying to beat Barry Bonds in a "walk-off". I had days where I felt like the Zoolander to his Hans. I have a personal feeling that my humor-filled, oft "homer"-esque and general wiseassness got Sam's writing juices boiling. I personally feel that Sam's writings nowadays are second-to-none when it comes to the Devil Rays. Not even Rays beat writers can come up with a fraction of the stuff that Sam has been writing. I'm as of right now waiting for his extended version of my mini-song about Scott Kazmir to appear.

With a new job with no-so-delightful work-hours(2-3 AM til 11 AM-Noonish), the posts at "Rays Talk" for me came few and far between. I couldn't keep up with Sam and I couldn't find enough time to write on a consistent basis. This is where DRays Bay came into the picture. David Bloom, a long-time Rays Blogger and good friend, was pretty much left alone to his Rays writings after Jim Wisinski left to write more at Raysbaseball. Basically, I alternated back-and-forth between RaysTalk and DRays Bay with my writings giving each group of readers something to look at. When David left, Blez asked me to take the reigns and I felt with an even newer job(yup, a normal one) I could write 3-4 posts every "normal week".

I'm not going to post a schedule for the next parts of this series, but I promise that they will appear along with the "Spring Training Battles" series that I planned on.