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Reader/Writer Interactive Question of the Week

Last Week's Question

Last week's Question was, by far, the most popular one so far in the series. I received double the previous high in email responses, and the poll as I close voting now tallied 51 responses. Way to go Rays Nation, (Or World, for you, Frode). Anyways, here was last week's question.

-Of the following mentioned renovations to improve the Trop for next season, which one do you think will be the best?

-Improved sound system
- New Devil Ray tank
-Cleaner bathrooms
-New Hitter's Hall of Fame exhibit
-New 1B terrace box club
-New, lower priced ticket section near bullpens
-Paint Job/Drywall

Poll Response

Cleaner Bathrooms-29% 15 votes
New Devil Ray Tank-23% 12 votes
New Seating Section-15% 8 votes
Improved Sound System-11% 6 votes
New 1B Terrace Box Club-9% 5 votes
Paint/Drywall Job-5% 3 votes
New Hitter's Hall of Fame exhibit-3% 2 votes

As I checked the poll throughout the week, it seemed that the Ray tank was going to be the clear winner, as it jumped out ot an early and large lead. However clean bathroom stormed back for a photo finish to take the cake by a respectable 3 vote margin.

Reader Responses

Well, I got four responses to this week's question, but not one of them mentioned clean bathrooms. Two people indicated the Ray tank, one person didn't care for any of them, and one the new seating section. Though one of those voting for the tank hasn't even gone to the Trop once because he is from Norway (No names mentioned). Just Kidding Frode, none of us have actually seen these new renovations come to fruition, so our opinions are all on equal footing. Anyways, here were your responses.

William Schaus-It saddens me that this is the extent of the improvments to the Trop that are being made.  A new fish tank is great, look forward to seeing it when it opens.  But is that going to make a real difference to the casual fan?  New paint jobs and sound systems sound like general everyday maintainence to me, not wow this is new and different.  Can you imagine the Yankees even talking about rest rooms in Yankee stadium?  Here we crow about improving them like it's something to be proud about.  Talk about a lack of class.

Anyway hope all this general maintainence improves attendance, but my gut feeling is that all that will be forgotten if we don't win, and won't matter if we do.

Craig-Considering the fact that I took advantage of the lower priced tickets near the bullpens, to the tune of two-for-one season tickets, I'm going to have to go with that.  Section 128, row G here I come!

Frode-The new tank with live rays.

Jason Kiger- I vote for the Devil Ray tank. That just seems awesome. I wish it could have been done by opening day though....

My View

I tend to agree with our first commentor, that none of these renovations really affects me too much, and my life wouldn't be impacted in the least bit if they were scrapped. However he also mentioned the Ray tank as being cool, so I'll count him in that category.

I think I've maybe used the Trop bathrooms three times in my entire life ,and I've been to a good 60+ games. I just don't use the bathroom there much. I usually wait until I get home or something, it is the same thing everywhere I go. I, for the most part, avoid gas station restrooms, rest stop areas, and stadiums. Those are just three areas where you don't expect good bathrooms and you wait to go if you can. The new seating section doesn't apply to me at all, as I buy the cheapest seat availible, and actually, it hurt me in the regard that the price of said seat increased by 40%. The sound system never bothered me much, it was often the music that they played on it that was terrible. The hitter's hall of fame? A nice touch, but good really only for first time patrons. It never changes, and is relatively limited, but it would only be good for one time. The terrace box club is something else that doesn't affect me, as I won't be wining and dining clients anytime soon. The drywall and paint job? Sounds good and will make the stadium more lively, but I don't go to a baseball game to look at pretty walls.

That leaves the tank, which doesn't really matter too much, but it is cool. Getting to see real Rays at the stadium is awesome, I used to love the similar exhibit at the Florida Aquarium. Plus, our home mascot is there, and it just creates so many what ifs, like what if a homer gets hit into the Ray tank? It just sounds cool, and when complete, will look cool, and who gets tired of watching real live animals like Sting rays?

This Week's Question

This is an issue that has provoked much battling among the Rays' fan ranks, so I must address it. Currently, the Rays have one year remaining on their spring training lease at Al Lang Field in Downtown St. Pete, and are possibly exploring relocating their spring training home somewhere else. Holding my personal views aside for the moment, I want to ask you. What should the Rays do with their spring training site after 2007? I will list a few options below from which to choose, and you select the best one. Anyone caring to elaborate on the issue can sound off by clicking the "Contact Patrick" button on the sidebar of the page, or by emailing me at Here are the choices, and I will post a corresponding poll on the sidebar to coincide with the choices.

-Stay in St. Pete
-Move to Hillsborough County
-Move somewhere else on the I-4 corridor
-Move it up somewhere in North Florida
-Move it between Bradneton and Ft. Myers
-Move it to Florida's East Coast
-Move it to Arizona

And I would ask that in your emails, you cite real reasons for moving it besides "I want it to be closer to me". Take more than just yourself into account when elaborating. Anyways, sound off and I hope to hear from you this week!


In doing my best Linda Richman impression....the Interactive Question is neither Interactive, or a Question.....discuss. Well, it is, but if you want to sound off on last week's question, comment on it in the comment thread and maybe we can get some kind of debate started.