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Jake's Take: Checkin' out the Cali Kids

Through 8 games of this early Minor League Season, 2 of our prospects have forced themselves on alot of national media spotlights. One of them was already considered to be a possible "Breakout" candidate and the other has basically forced his way into the spotlight.

Reid Brignac- "The Cajun God of Baseball" appears to be back to his old ways, already in this early season. According to some sources, Briggy has started to "fill out"(now 6'3"/6'4", 200 lbs.) and becoming a more imposing figure. 2 nights ago, Briggy broke out the lumber going 3-4 with 3 HRs(along with 8 RBIs and 1 walk). Remember that Brandon Wood/Reid Brignac comparison I wrote earlier in the year? It's becoming more apparent that it may be more fact than fiction....however, I'm going to turn down the hype machine until he breaks double-digits in HRs. I also like that Briggy has started to reduce the K totals, which some looked at as a red flag last season.

Brandon Mann- The few times that I've talked to Brandon, I'm always joking around with him. I'm always telling him to get "The Man" tattooed somewhere on his body. He usually laughs and changes the subject. However, 2 starts(both doubleheader games) into the season.... He seems to be "The Mann". His first start, he pitched 4 innings and whiffed 8 hitters. Last night he pitched the bottom half of a double-header, again he pitched 4 innings and he struck out 10 batters. That's 18 Ks(to 2 walks) in 8 Innings!!!! Brandon, whatever you're doing....keep it up, bruddah.