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Jake's Take: Early Surprises....

So far into the season, we've held our own in more games than expected....when we really shouldn't be.

Our Starting Pitching is showing its age(or lack thereof), our bullpen is almost worse than we thought, we've gotten our big dose of injuries and we're sitting at 10-13.

10-13, Three games under .500....

10-13, not that great...not that bad.

However, taking all the negatives into consideration, I've got to say "Wow, we're 10-13!" We've got Russ Branyan and Nick Green playing just about every day and barely getting contact on balls, we've got relievers giving up runs by the half-dozen and we've got all of our starters racking up walks by 4s. Yet, we're still holding our own and not getting overly dominated by any teams(eh, Texas swept us...but I blame their field).

Ty Wiggington, where have you been before this year? Matching Fred McGriff's RBI record with 2 games left in April and already matching his HR total from Last year in half as many games. You're not fun to watch defensively, but you're Cal Ripken Jr. compared to Russ Branyan. Rays fans enjoy "Gettin' Wiggy with it!" and hope that this apparent "breakout" continues.

Just think, by the middle of May, we're going to have Lugo, Huff and hopefully Rocco back from the DL. Then near the end of May, we're going to have Cantu back. We're floating around right now and hopefully continue to. If we can hover within 2-3 games of .500 until our big bats return from their injuries, think what we can do during the summer when we get them back fully healthy.

I know it's hard to be an optimist when Orvella, Lugo(most of the time) and Harpo(can't believe I'm saying this) are about the only worthwhile arms in the 'pen, but we've to stay a bit optimistic. We've started seasons alot worse than we are now with alot better bullpens and better everyday players out there...