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Delmon Fuels His Reputation

Delmon Young has gone where few players have gone before with his bat in the past.  He has put up numbers that leave alot of the baseball experts speachless. However, It's a bad sitaution when people who have little knowledge of what takes place in baseball know first hand that the Devil Rays have this player who did the unthinkable with the bat regardless if it was not what he intended to do.

He has a running track record now with his temper. He had problems in the minors with it, followed by an instance when he went off on Rays organization for not giving him an audition at the end of last year. Now with this incident is forming a bad repuatation and you know first impressions are hard to lose.

Simply put, this kid has some issues that need to be worked on. He picked the wrong line of work if frustruations from the ballpark or even off the field simply get to him. Its sad to say from this point on that instead of being remembered as the kid with the all around skills, he will be remebered as the guy who hit the umpire with the bat.

He has alot of work to do to get back. Lets hope he has the support of his family and the organization because it will be a long road back to get to where he last left off.