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Playing Maddon '06- Situation #1:Should he have left Kazmir in?(The Torborg/Baker Rule)

In "Playing Maddon '06", I will let us Rays fans react and step in Maddon's shoes for certain disputed situations that occur during the season.

The Question is: If you were given this same situation, how would you have reacted?

Situation: Rays Starter Scott Kazmir has pitched 8.2 innings with 119 pitches throw, has just given up 2 consecutive hits and is about to face Vernon Wells with 1 runner in scoring position.

Question: Do you leave Kaz, who is believed to be the future "Ace" of the Rays staff, in and possibly endanger his arm(because of the high pitch count) to close out the game and get a Complete Game Win or do you pull him for closer Dan Miceli?

Maddon's Play: After the 1st Hit, Miceli started warming up in the pen. He kept Kazmir in, until he gave up the 2nd hit. Pulled Kazmir and Miceli quickly got Wells out on 3 pitches.

What's your play?