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Jake's Take: A Case of Two-Thirds

Basically, the Rays' problems lately have been due to the team lacking in one of 3 departments.

If we get a good showing by our starter and our line-up, it's the bullpen holding us down by giving up hits and letting runners score.

When we get a perfect showing by both facets of our pitching, our bats vanish into thin air.

Then there's the times when our starters underachieve, but our bullpen and line-ups don't do enough to swing us in the "W" column.

We're 15-21 as of tonight(a game in which we got all 3 facets working in conjunction with each other), but we could be 19-17 if our team didn't put 2/3rds of the team's potential on the field.

Slowly, but surely(don't call me Shirley), our team is putting it together...yet, it sure can get annoying watching these cases of "2/3rds"