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Jake's Take: Better than Advertised

Rays fans, you're in for an interesting summer this year. You shouldn't be surprised at that, at all, seeing that this season has already been an unusual one for us.

Through 43 games, Rays fans have seen a variety of things.

  • Injuries to just about every Rays major positional player on the team.
  • Jonny Gomes breaking the Team HRs in April record
  • Kaz's amazing start(6 wins before the end of May)
  • Our bullpen's constant amorphic ways(3 different relievers with 3 or more saves)
  • 12 Consecutive Starts in which a Rays starter has gone 6 or more innings(you read this right)
  • Mark Hendrickson's Amazing 1st start
  • Series wins against Boston, KC, Chicago, Oakland and Toronto
  • McClung pitching well, when paired with "pitching guru" Josh Paul
  • 4 words: Gettin' Wiggy With It
The funny thing is, Rays fans expect better than this. We're currently at 19-24 as of tonight and Rays fans want more! Yes, Rays fans believe that this team could and should be .500 or better right now.

Rays fans are upset about lack of consistency from the bullpen, certain 5th starters who should be relievers, certain back-ups who shouldn't be getting starts and lack of anger from our manager. That's Ironic, isn't it?

Now you're probably asking me, "Why the hell is this summer going to be interesting?"

I'll tell you.

No more scrubs! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Rocco and Cantu making their long-awaited returns to the lineups.

Does it excite anyone that we're only 5 games under .500 without some of our better players being healthy or at their best right now? How about without a legitimate bullpen?

I'm very excited for Rays baseball in the "Summer of Ot-Six", we're gonna open some eyes.