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Jake's Take: Step 1-Admitting that you're a Kaz-Krazie

Not since Fernando Mania has a 22 yr old taken the majors by storm like this. 7 wins for a Rays pitcher was once thought as a normal amount of wins for a season for certain Rays starters, yet it's May and Scott Kazmir has 7 wins to his record for the 2006 season.

Scott Kazmir appears to have matured into the "ace" starter of this Rays staff, that fans had already dubbed him to be 2 years ago. This isn't the same Scott Kazmir that was pitching last year. His strikeouts are different, his mound prescence is different and, believe it or not, his walks are different from 2005.

Ironic is that most of us chuckled at the Rays placing Kazmir on the gigantic "We came to play" billboard that the ownership decided to put up. Guess what ownership, you put the right person with the team's official slogan. Kaz came to play and he appears to want to win some games too.

Kaz is among the AL leaders in Ks(2nd to Johan), ERA(2nd to Contreras) and Wins(tied for 1st with Freddy Garcia and Kenny Rogers).

Hopefully the Rays managerial staff don't overburden Kaz by constantly keeping him in for 115 pitches in every start(like they appear to be), or else this amazing start will go for naught. Also, let's hope that the NDRO will pull out the checkbook and sign him to a long-term deal during the season.