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Editor's Note

These past few days, I've been thinking about how to keep the same quality content level here at the Bay while lessening my workload. After all, the Notes piece and the Game Preview each took up about 2-3 hours of my time, and while I may be able to do that every day here in the summer, it is rather boring work, and I would have a problem doing it when school started. Thus, I have come up with a solution to that issue, which should be good for the readers in terms of the content you get here, and me, in terms of workload.

First off, the News & Notes piece will cease to exist. Again, it was rather long and boring work, and because of the recent sidebar additions, it was very much useless. It was just a bunch of fluff surrounding links, and those links are on the sidebar. The Game Report and the SportsSpyder feed, both of which I used to get my news from, have been placed on the sidebar for you to look through, and both deliver the same content I was doing, it is just I moved around the words a little.

One new feature that will appear is a look at the game from a different perspective. On the next day after every game, you will see a post that will recap yesterday's game, but in a bit different way. I will be using the win probability table from to recap the game. Each day, you will indeed see the graph of the previous day's game, along with a brief recap, and a few words from me, possibly even a rant if I feel like it. But look for that starting tomorrow. It think it will be an excellent, new way of looking at the game, and I hope you will enjoy it.

One piece will be salvaged out of the News & Notes piece, however. The minor league box scores I did every day will remain, so the entire section from the end of the news piece down will remain here, because I was under the impression that was my most popular feature, and that my readers got the most out of it. So that will remain, but as a separate post, and I have the quick reference stuff still up on the sidebar so no matter how many posts the piece may be buried under, you can still find the vital info.

As for the news and stuff that is being dropped, you can still catch that stuff on the sidebar in the SportsSpyder feed, and if the news is important enough, I will address it somewhere. I plan to bring back the Transaction Reports from earlier this year to detail roster moves. However if you see other news that you think is muy importante, then feel free to post a diary about it. I am Aubrey Huff with the glove at third base, some stuff will go past me, and if you see one of those things, back up my fielding and post a diary about it.

Another change that you will see involves everybody's favorite piece, the Game Previews. The Preview itself will remain, but in a form very similar to today's, with just one page, and a short one at that. No detailed scouting reports past the jump, that took too much time, and I don't think it made much of an impact on anyone's life. But basically, I will post the pitching matchup, the official site game previews, a link to the splits and matchups I used to use, and you can have at it and look to your heart's content, but I will not be typing it out here. The lineups I was unable to post today, but when I can, you will see them there too, along with OPS and all of that. But I am simplifying the Game Previews and trying to make them more of a Game Thread. It is a piece open to commenting, remember, so post your thoughts on the game as it happens there.

The Series Previews will remain untouched, and starting next weekend, I will roll out new weekly features that I am planning out, when I have more time, and you will see the occasional rant or side story. But most of this is about trying to cut down my workload. A lot of this stuff just took way too much time, and this is aimed at lessening that, while keeping the high content level.

Oh, and one final note, I do hope you all enjoy the sidebar additions. I am currently working on a formal request to add two standings tables to the sidebar, one that lists the Rays as compared to their AL East rivals, and another that lists them as compared to their minor league affiliates. Why? So we can see our major league squad not only being bested by other major league squads, but also their minor league teams! Sounds fun, and I hope you will like that. Anyways, if you have a comment on any of this, please do post in the site feedback thread, or right here in this very post. I am doing all of this for you, the readers, so I want to hear from you about it if you've got something to say.

Thank you very much to our loyal readers and newbies, we hope that you will remain (or become) active members of our community, and let's go Rays!!!!!

Patrick Kennedy
DRaysBay co-editor