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Jake's Take: Visalia is Cajun for "Goat Country"

DISCLAIMER: The opinions shared in this article are those of a delusional Reid Brignac fan.
Knowing my luck, this will be a jinx and all will be for naught.

Sheep lie(according to farmers, well that's what the old joke tells us), but numbers sure don't.

Last season, Briggy started his year out with a bang...but fizzled out near the end of what some considered to be a somewhat disappointing season. So what'd Briggy do this offseason? Worked his cajun butt off, got into shape and according to his current K/BB some hitters' contacts.

Reid started his 2006 with a monsterous month(358/.411/.537, 9 BB / 17 K, 3/5 SB in 95 ABs). This garnered the Rays Minor League "Hitter of the Month" award.

The question he has to answer is.... Was April a fluke? Was the offseason conditioning the key ingredient that prevented Briggy from having a sucessful season last year? Are all of Briggy's HRs going to come in bunches?

You see my point.

I believe my job of hyping of Briggy has gone as far as it can...make me look like a genius by continuing to produce.