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Jake's Take: Return of "The Hammer"- All Hail the Tattooed One?

Clean for over 6 months. Check.
Swinging the bat. Check.
Doing everything possible to make a comeback. Check.

Now all the Rays need is an okay by Major League Baseball to reinstate him and restart a career that had him hyped more than Upton or Young could ever imagine. Yes, Josh Hamilton's former potential was in a level of it's own.

It's been a long road back for Josh, he's been out of baseball for over 3 1/2 years. Automobile accidents, "personal problems" and a fight against addiction(which won him an indefinite suspension by the MLB) have all stood in his way. However, for the first time in Hambone's 20's...there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Rays new ownership could've completely ignored MLB's grant of permission to allow Hamilton to work out in Extended Spring Training. They could've easily released a player who has no value whatsoever. They could've done anything to end the Rays' ties with Josh, but they didn't.

Now, if all goes right, Josh Hamilton could join another Rays 1st Round Pick(Evan Longoria) on a plane trip to the Ray's Short Season A team. If Hamilton has, in fact, changed his priorities and set his sights on making it to the majors....the Renegades will see one of the best 3-4 duos that they've ever encountered in their history with Evan & The Hammer.

I wonder what Josh will add to his already filled canvas to celebrate this possible "huge step" on the trail back.