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Jake's Take; Blind Faith for "The Duke of Durham"?

I must admit that sometimes(a good 75% of the time, that is) I blindly follow the everyday dealings of our current ownership. I guess that just seeing Naimoli and his cronies gone give me no reason to complain for the most part.

Yet, I don't believe that I'm so completely oblivious as that of the small group of Elijah Dukes fans that are making their wishes know that "The Duke of Durham" so rightfully deserves his call-up.

Temper Tantrums? Not his fault, just look at how great he's hitting. CC has never done that in his entire career.

Clubhouse scuffles? Never been substantiated, just look at his smooth plays in the OF. He deserves to play everyday, Rocco is too injury-prone anyways.

Throwing Bats after being struck out? The Umps piss everyone off, even Maddon gets ejected once in awhile. Noone damns Bobby Cox for being the most ejected manager in baseball, do they?

I'm so sick and $*@&!^% tired of the stuff I hear about Dukes' anger problems not being an issue and shouldn't ever been an issue as long as he's hitting the way that he is and as long as he stays out of a jail cell.

To me, it's completely asinine to believe that a .950 AAA OPS is reason to disregard a 30 page rap sheet that Dukes has.

For the love of god, when Delmon threw his bat at an ump....people reacted as if he broke the bat in half and impaled the ump with a splinter. Yet, when Dukes tosses his bat(down, not at a person at least) after being struck out...his ejection sounded unjustified, as if Dukes' was unrightfully thrown out by biased umps.

Completely hypocritical, if you ask me.

I like Dukes' way that he completely owns the batter's box and how he can hold his own in the outfield, but I've gotta say that he won't be anything or anywhere near the majors until he stops acting like a damn baby.