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Carl "Mr. Money in the Bank" Crawford

He's currently wanted by every team in the majors, contending or not.

He's probably the most problematic Devil Ray to pitch to, being a rare combination of speed and power. If you walk him, you risk him getting to 3rd with your next 2 pitches. If you pitch to him, he may hit it to the corners and run out a triple or he may hit out of the park.

He's only 25 years old...

...and he loves being a Devil Ray? GASP!!!(Yankee fans, you may need to read this with smelling salts in hand)

That sound you hear is a sigh of relief from just about every Devil Ray in existence. If Carl gets traded, it wasn't because he demanded it. He's the last guy that you see alienate his fans, his teammates and his orginization.

Taking a page from Vince McMahon(the CEO/Owner of the WWE), CC is to the Devil Rays as current Champ Rob Van Dam is to the WWE. He's a "one-of-a-kind" player, if there ever was one.

Thanks to Jason Collette(aka UCF Knight, aka Moonlight J) and keen listening skills/research/whatever, Crawford may be turning himself into a baseball legend as we speak.

Comparing CC's stats to "All-Time" Greats and the stats that their career stats at the same age(25)/point in their career(4th yr) as Carl is, the results are shocking.


CC has more hits than Pete Rose had.
CC has more stolen bases than Lou Brock had.
CC has more RBIs than Barry Bonds had.

I'm sorry to Angels fans, but you're going to need more than Ervin Santana and your incredible depth of middle-infield prospects to acquire Crawford. Contrary to your thoughts, Santana is no more than a #3 or #4 starter at best. While I'm at it, Brandon Wood(Incredible power, but strikes out waaaaaay too much) and Erick Aybar(good hitter, but we have his production already in Lugo) aren't exactly "prized" prospects if you put a gun to my head.

Like Friedman said before, "if CC were ever to be traded, the Rays would have to be knocked off our feet with an offer."

Basically, if you want're gonna get robbed in the process.