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Jake's Take: Seo many trades in seo little time....

Within two weeks, the Rays have made it perfectly clear that they're willing to make trades if the price is right. Gone are the days of Lurch, Tubby and Joey and waiting in the wings are Dio(rainbow not included) and the Js(J-So and J-Peezy).

Who will be next?



Right now, I'd guess that we'd want to trade Huff before Lugo....due to one prospects lack of improvement in defense. However, we'd be more likely to find a better deal for Lugo faster right now because of Huff's 1st half inepititude and high salary.

According to some reports, a few of our higher-ceiling prospects are starting to find themselves in trade rumors. The Rays favorite trading buddy, Ned Colletti, has made it known that he likes Upton and Dukes very much and wouldn't mind acquiring either of them.

With about a month to go before the deadline, will we see the Rays revert to the old ways of the "no-trade,unless its for the world" or the new ways of "Let's make a deal"?

That's up to the Rays, right now.