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Prospect Mailing List

I have decided to make yet another change to the formatting of my writings here at the Bay, one that I hope will reduce the clutter of the front page, but make it more convenient for you to access Rays Prospect Information. How? I have taken my Minor League Minute to the wonderful world of email! Each day, you can have the latest performances of Devil Ray prospects delivered straight to your inbox, without the hassle of going anywhere else to get the needed information.

No longer will you have to click on six different links at to get Rays farm team box scores. No longer will you have to hope for two or three prospects to be mentioned in the Baseball America prospect report, you can get all of them in your inbox daily.

And by signing up for this feature, you have my personal guarantee that your email address will not be passed along to commercial interests for spamming usage, nor will be used for any other matter other than the daily prospect report.

So to find out more about Devil Ray prospects each day in your inbox, simply email and each morning, you will receive a full dossier on how the farm system did last night.

From the Bulls to the P-Rays, each day you can become connected to our prospects with one sign up. Sign up today and follow our future every morning!