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July 4 Weekend DRays Bay Round Table

Now that we have Rocco back in the posse, and Josh we harldy remember Ya, back on the DRays highway, thought it might be a good time to hear from Devil Rays nation. Well, in all honesty, i shamlessly stole this idea from EDSBS and modified it for the Devil Rays perspective...

  1. Background. List the franchise in major league  baseball you were first exposed, what stadiums you have been to, and what team you rooted for before the creation of the Devil Rays.
  2. Sports Dislikes. List your most hated sports teams in decending order. For instance, your least favorite team may be the Yankees, but perhaps there is a college team that squeezes in before you get to your alma mater's lacrosse team.
  3. Best Rays experience: what is the best thing to happen to this franchise while being a Devil Rays fan
  4. Which Devil Rays player are you rooting for this year and why. 20 words or less.