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Do Rays Need To Take a Chance on...

As the Devil Rays franchise plots how it can make the next step in its timeline to becoming one of the better teams in all of baseball, one thought crossed my mind. Like the Tigers who seem to have taken the next step in improving not only the wins and losses, but in its image throughout baseball. Do the Rays have to take a chance on some player the way teams like the Dodgers and the Tigers did.  Strictly stated, is there a player out there who has value that is currently diminsihed, but could prove to supply dividends later on.

Where in the organization do we need to take a risk on someone? Or, do we keep going with progressing young talent, and as our young talent devlops, we trade the no longer needed pieces like  we have with Baez, Hall, Gathwright. We found a tools goof organization like KC to supply us with young pitching talent, but at what point do we start taking a chance on some veteran talent to sprinkle in with the young talent.