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The "Durham Bulls" Smoking Gun

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It was last year that Delmon Young had a temper tantrum and criticized the Devil Rays organization. But, this time in this featured document the three amigos of Dukes, Upton & Young go out with negative comments towards the Rays organization. The comments do not end with the management, they take stabs at the players as well.

"I don't know what they're waiting for," Young says. "They're what, 30 games (actually 20) out of first place? They think we're going to mess up their clubhouse chemistry. B.J. should be up there. What are they waiting for? They always have excuses."
Dukes damaging comments:
"In the big leagues, you throw your uniform on the ground, and it's washed and hung up nicely in your locker," Dukes says. "Here you do that, you come back the next day and find it still on the floor. Those guys up there (in the big leagues) shower in Evian. Here, we use sewer water."
B.J. Upton's comments :
"When I do go to Tampa, I don't want to ever come back here. And I'd love to see Delmon and Elijah with me. We talk about it all of the time how special it would be for us to make it together. "We've been through so much together, it'd sure be nice to share the same dream, too."
Organization reaction:
"I don't know what qualifies people, at any age, to disrespect anybody in the manner that that article indicated to me," Maddon said. "It speaks to disrespect, and it speaks to the sense of entitlement that the athletes seem to have today and I totally disagree with."