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Julio Lugo has been traded to the LA Dodgers for Joel Guzman and Sergio Pedroza    

Background on Guzman:

He was signed out of the DR to the biggest bonus for anyone coming out of Latin America.  Guzman has incredible power, and has a good arm and decent speed.  He played SS until this year, when he was switched to OF.  He could play 3rd or 1st for the Rays, we'll see.  He's still very raw, but has incredible potential.

Sergio Pedroza.:

Was a third round pick last year out of Cal State Fullerton.  He's got good power, but isn't a great prospect.  Defensively, he's got a good arm, but not a great fielder and doesn't have great speed.

I like this deal.  I would have loved pitching in return for Lugo, but teams have been very reluctant to deal their pitching prospects lately.  Guzman has the potential to be a great player.  We couldn't have gotten this much from draft picks had we choose to keep Lugo, so I like it a lot.

Joel Guzman's stats

Pedroza's Stats