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Jake's Take: The Trading Game Nears...

Unlike most "Jake's Take" articles, this is one for you guys. Basically, what I want to know from you is...

  1. Who do you expect to be traded?
  2. What positions do we need to look in trades?
  3. Do you want us to trade within our division or outside of it?
  4. If given the choice, should we trade for soon-to-be-major-league-ready prospects with "star" potential or MLB vets who are between average and above average in regards to projectional talent?
  5. What grade would you give the NDRO in trades thus far?
  6. Do you think that any of these possible trades will give our own top prospects a great chance to get called up and show their worth in the 2nd Half?
I know what my answers are, but I want to see what you think first.