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Game Thread: Wednesday (7/5); Boston (50-31) at RAYS (37-47)

Boston at RAYS
7:15; Tropicana Field
FSN Florida

Pitching Matchup:

BOS-RH Jason Johnson (3-9, 6.22)

RAYS-RH Tim Corcoran (2-0, 1.17)


1B Kevin Youkilis
2B Mark Loretta
DH David Ortiz
LF Manny Ramirez
RF Trot Nixon
C Jason Varitek
3B Mike Lowell
CF Coco Crisp
SS Alex Cora

SS Julio Lugo                
LF Carl Crawford                  
CF Rocco Baldelli          
3B Aubrey Huff        
2B Jorge Cantu
DH Jonny Gomes        
RF Russell Branyan    
!B Ty Wigginton            
C Josh Paul

New Format

As you may have noticed, I have changed the formatting for this thread, and for the first time since my addition to the DRaysBay staff, this space is not called a 'Game Preview'. I have slimmed down this piece and renamed it a 'Game Thread'. Why? To simply give a reader who stumbles upon the Bay a better idea as to what these threads actually are. 'Game Previews' tend to lend the impression that this is just another article. What I hope to hit off on with 'Game Thread' is the idea, like on many other SB Nation sites, of user participation. When I say 'Game Thread', that means I want to hear from you.

Did Jorge Cantu ground into a twin killing? Voice your frustration here, as it happens. Did Aubrey Huff ground out weakly to the second baseman? Put it down here. Basically, this thread has been slimmed down to give you the essential information for that night's game, but it has also be re-formatted to encourage user participation. That, and I am also getting lazy.

Now, do I expect this to have 119 comments every day? Of course not, but I would hope that we could turn this thread into what it was in its prime, a place for double digit comments every night. Simply put, this thread is an open topic for any DRaysBay user to voice their thoughts on the game. Enjoy, and let's kick some Chowderhead ass!

GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!