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What a difference a month makes.  Just one month ago today, Aubrey Huff was hitting .178/.272/.264.  A .536 OPS.  Huff has taken a ton of abuse from Rays' fans, including me and I just wanted to give him some props for his incredible turn around.  After today's game, he's now hitting .283/.348/.461 his OPS is up to .809.  That's an incredible .273 point increase in just 30 days.  While everyone knew he wasn't as bad as he had been playing, I never expected to see his OPS north of .800 again, much less this year.  So I say, great job Aubrey, and even though you're probably not going to be on the team 30 days from now, you've been the best hitter in this franchises history up to this point, and you deserve to be praised, lord knows we've ripped you over the past year and a half.