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Jake's Take: Evan Longoria is the Rays Top Prospect, in all senses of the word.

Don't be surprised, at all, when Longoria wins both our own individual "Top prospect award" and "Baseball America's Top Organizational" award. However, I still feel that Delmon may continue to be the top prospect in all of baseball(which would make no sense at all and sounds contradictory, actually).

Now, you're probably thinking "Delmon is 20(27 days older than Evan), hitting .330 in AAA and has more potential in his little pinkie than Evan does overall."

However, there's many factors in my statement that Longoria is currently our top positional player prospect and top prospect overall.

In 45 games spread out through 3 levels, Longoria has maintained a .356 batting average and a .700 slugging percentage. Basically, Longoria is hitting the ball and hitting it prominently hard(1 XBH every 6 ABs).

I'm not taking anything away from the hitting display that Delmon has put on thus far, but Longoria hitting the way like he is was completely unexpected. He never showed as much power, as quick of a bat or anything during his days at LBSU. However, the cavernous ways of Long Beach's Field may have been a factor in that.

The only thing that Young has on Longoria is that Young has immense defensive capabilities, while Longoria rates average-to-above average at 3B. Not sure if it'll even out when Longoria is moved, as expected, to 2B...who knows.

Also, you've gotta factor in that Longoria has hit the ground running while Delmon has only started to swing the lumber in Durham. Not sure if Delmon's lack of power is due to him not pressing himself(which has been rumored, that he meant to only "work on hitting for average") or due to him just not caring. However, 16 HRs in 45 games(with only 8 being in a very hitter-friendly park) is better than 7(in Durham, where Kevin Witt can hit 35 and Kevin Cash hit 7 in a span of 2 weeks) in 71 games.

And though it shouldn't matter, Longoria hasn't thrown a bat at anyone and doesn't have "primadonna" written all over someone else does.

It's kinda like when Alex Gordon smashed the ball when he made his debut and he robbed Billy Butler of Baseball America's Top Royals prospect....we may see that with Longoria-Young.