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Jake's Take: Elijah Dukes- A Sheep in Wolves' Clothing?

BA Article regarding Elijah Dukes

Basically this article is in regards to the NDRO's decision to suspend Elijah Dukes indefinitely while his 5-game suspension by the IL is being looked at.

Here's Dukes' reaction to the suspensions:

I have no idea when or if I'll be back," Dukes said in a telephone interview. "I packed up all my stuff and I'm headed home. To be honest, I don't even know about baseball anymore. Everything is just wearing on me and this year has just been so frustrating. I'm trying to keep my nose clean and keep to myself, but things just keep getting turned around. I'm tired of it."

He can't be serious....can he?

When I first read this, I laughed to myself. Always tempermental Elijah Dukes decides to put his tail in between his legs and run off into the sunset. Man, that's an oxymoron.

It's kinda like when someone stands up to the school bully and the bully runs off to his mommy. However, with Dukes' family history, Elijah has noone to run home to. This entire story has become very comical, if you ask me. Elijah says he got misquoted by the USA Today writer and he knew that the article on Delmon, BJ and Dukes was going to be a negative one when the writer started asking questions. Yet, it appears that he answered the questions anyways. So you have a USA Today writer's reputation going against Elijah's... kinda easy to pin-point which to believe.

My only regret right now is, we didn't trade him when we had the opportunity. The Dodgers were very high on Dukes and allegedly willing to part with prospects that Logan White decided would actually be "in the Dodgers' future".

Elijah, if you're proving to everyone that you're can't stand the heat when the fire is on. This is professional baseball and you've always seemed to be a rage-filled hitting machine, so it's a matter of time before someone(Devil Rays or not) gave you a chance. The Rays gave you a huge shot and you passed with flying colors with your Spring Training performance. However, when you didn't get the spot on the couldn't escape your troubled past like the Front office wanted you to. Hell, before the suspensions(even during the other 3), you were the best offensive player on the just couldn't keep your mouth shut.

Right now, Elijah, you're a chicken...