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Your Hometown Columnist Is bad : Part II

We have another entry in the Hometown Columnist is bad category. No I am not talking about Peter Kerosoitis from the Florida Today. This time the name is Luke DeCock. Get to know that name because he is the latest in line to bash the Devil Rays organization. Saying that the Durham Bulls brand should look elsewhere than the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Guess what, Jon Manuel of BA is there again talking bad mouthing the Rays new ownership. Now that a surprise. What has taken place this year in Durham is more related to the personnel than it is the Devil Rays as an organization. What's next, Dan Patrick saying the Red Sox are like the Devil Rays organziation after Epstein complained about financial constraints after getting their lunch handed to them by the Yankees. Ooops, that did happen. Well, you know what I mean. People find it so easy for Rays brass to be the punch line of jokes. Well, if you checked the scoreboard, Rays just swept the Rangers. The joke will be on them in next year and years after when the Rays organization gets their due. Then, teams like the Durham Bulls will be lining up to hope the Rays don't look elesewhere for a AAA afiiliate.