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Judging Andy

General managers can be judged from one of two ways in baseball. Their trades or their signings, or lack thereof. For my purposes today, I'm going to judge Andrew Friedman on his free agent signings from November until current day. Starting with the good;

Blue Light Specials
Ty Wiggington - Other than being a very clutch hitter for the Rays, he's had his best year in the statistic categories of (2b and HR) and has had his 2nd best season in batting average.

Greg Norton - Has had easily his best year hitting in AVG, OBP, and SLG %.

Shawn Camp - Camp has been superb, the GB monster whose numbers are slightly bloated from when he's forced to face more than 3 batters. .

Brian Meadows - Did a very serviceable job (if nothing else) as the closer, not blowing a single save. A 5.24 ERA has been caused to recent implosions after he was relieved of his closing duties. Of course he was reluctant to actually become the closer so you have to wonder if mentally he has been affected to being moved into a more, comfortable spot for him.

Dan Miceli - Was decent as a closer, but outside of that role has became a good reliever for our team.

The Meh

Tomas Perez - Did have that great 5-5 game, will be an answer to that trivia question one day. Other than that he's been decent with the glove, and has played 3b, SS, 2b, LF, and RF for the Rays this season.

Scott Dunn - Has been great at Durham, didn't look so great in Tampa however he will probably see action in September.

The Chuckle's Delights

Chad Harville - He's Horville, of course he was just DFA'd and went on a rant full of curse words, if only he was that passionate about his pitching he probably could've made some noise in our  bullpen.

Russ Branyan - A great H:HR ratio unfortunately for Russ, he was barely batting over .200, recently dealt to the Padres, it's become a well known fact that when Russ Branyan gets a hit, it's either a homerun or a single.

So as you can see, he's had a lot more success, and bang for his buck, than we probably should have expected.