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Minor Details(8/3): Movin' on Up

When Wednesday's games concluded, the top 3 levels of the Rays Minor Leagues were all in for major changes

Seth McClung returns to St. Pete, this time as a reliever

Following Wednesday night's 8-3 loss to the Tigers, the Devil Rays announced they had recalled right-hander Seth McClung and placed right-hander Travis Harper on the 15-day disabled list.

It's been awhile since we last seen Seth, but this isn't the same Seth anymore. He converted to bullpen duties and has thrived in the closer's role in Durham, where he was relying more upon his offspeed stuff. His K/BB was an amazing 26 to 3...and he's able to throw the 99 heat again without worrying about saving it, which he had to as a starter.

What I see interesting is the lack of a replacement in Durham for Seth's departure. Jim Magrane replaced Howell when J.P. got moved up, so will Andy Sonnanstine replace someone in the rotation(Seddon, maybe?) and Seth's spot on the roster? More reasons on why Sonnanstine is more than likely headed to AAA are below.

Baseball America lets the cat out of the bag....BOTH Longoria and Brignac get promoted to Double-A Montgomery

Following a 6-1 win over Lancaster on Wednesday, the Devil Rays promoted Reid Brignac and Evan Longoria to Double-A. Brignac hit .326/.382/.557 with 21 home runs in 411 at-bats with Visalia, while Longoria was .327/.402/.618 with eight homers in his 28-game trial at high Class A. "I'm excited, but a little sad too," Brignac told the Visalia Times-Delta. "I wish the team best of luck. I've been playing with these guys all year, but I know some of the guys in Double A."

Last night, it was reported by the Montgomery Newspapers that Briggy was promoted to AA. However, Baseball America has reported that Longoria is coming along with him. At first, I disliked Brignac being promoted because of the fact that he appeared to have been paired up with Longoria as a dynamic duo(Like Delmon/Bankston in 2004 and Dukes/Delmon in 2005). However, I've yet to see an additional roster move to be made to make this double-promotion possible. Either someone has to be promoted(Sonnanstine?) or someone has to be DLed(which is possible, due to Elliot Johnson's groin pains).

At 20, both Longoria and Brignac are still younger than most of their AA competition. With the breakout season that Brignac was having in Cali, where he has improved every facet of his game, it was a matter of time before a promotion was coming his way. Longoria has surpassed all scouts thoughts on his lack of power and appears to be rarely overmatched. It was thought to be happening after the season ended, especially with Visalia being in the playoff hunt. However, it seems that the NDRO has enough confidence in Brignac and the 2006 draftee to put them in the Southern League's playoff-contending Biscuits.