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Instant Relief (part one of three)

In the world of Major League Baseball one thing is for sure, relief pitching is always a need. For the Rays this is no different.  Here is a look at each of our current pen arms.
(in alphabetical order)

Shawn Camp -        4.12 ERA    67 IP    77 H    45 K    17 W    7 HRA
Travis Harper -    4.93 ERA    42 IP    62 H    32 K    13 W    6 HRA
Edwin Jackson -    7.18 ERA    26 IP    31 H    19 K    22 W    2 HRA
Ruddy Lugo -         3.98 ERA    74 IP    70 H    38 K    32 W    4 HRA
Seth McClung -    6.23 ERA    95 IP    111 H    51 K    58 W    14 HRA
Brian Meadows -    5.31 ERA    59 IP    82 H    31 K    15 W    11 HRA
Dan Miceli -        4.13 ERA    24 IP    21 H    14 K    16 W    4 HRA
Chad Orvella -        7.40 ERA    24 IP    36 H    17 K    20 W    6 HRA
Juan Salas* -        18.00 ERA    1 IP    2 H    1 K    1 W    0 HRA
Jon Switzer -        5.13 ERA    26 IP    31 H    13 K    12 W    3 HRA
Tyler Walker -        4.95 ERA    20 IP    27 H    19 K    12 W    1 HRA

* Really you can't look at Salas' line and draw any conclusions, he did after all have to face Mauer and Monreau, almost any fastball pitcher versus those two is going to get touched up a little.

As far as the best performers it appears to be Ruddy Lugo, Shawn Camp, Dan Miceli, and Seth McClung (his ERA, amongst other stats, is bloated due to his poor starts early in the season, at time of this post he's 5/5 in save chances)

So 4/11 bullpen arms listed have been acceptable, if not good or great. Usually a team would carry 11-12 pitchers so 6-7 bullpen arms heading into next season. Miceli is a lock unless he retires, Shinji Mori is probably never going to come back from his labrum injury, or at least not effectively. That leaves us with Seth as the closer, Ruddy as the middle reliever or set up man, and Camp as the situational arm who gets us a double play when needed. What about the other 2-3 arms?  Salas and Orvella may well be two of those, maybe we decided Edwin Jackson can indeed be successful out of the bullpen, but what about the free agent class of relievers?