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Jake's Take: When a Rivalry is no longer a Rivalry and Life is life...

Within the last few weeks, it seems that the baseball gods are doing some very nasty things to the players and fans of "Red Sox Nation".

Big Papi, though one of my least favorite players in all of baseball, is having very worrisome heart problems and was just recently released from a Boston Hospital. Best Wishes to him and a speedy recovery.

Jon Lester, suffering from complications when recovering from a back ache/problems, was found to be suffering from lymphoma. Prayers and best wishes go to him and his family.

Lastly, Rookie Closer Jon Papelbon blew out his shoulder tonight overthrowing a pitch. I've been delighted lately to seeing him finally blow some saves and show that he's human, but never in my life did I want a possible career-hindering injury to occur.

The Rays and Red Sox have had very heated moments in the past few years, but when people's lives/careers are in danger....that's where the rivalry stops and baseball families show respect to each other.

So, to those of Red Sox Nation and the readers of "Over the Monster"....DRaysBay's best wishes go to Ortiz, Lester and Papelbon in making speedy recoveries.

-Jake Larsen

[editor's note, by Jacob Larsen]Papelbon's injury is rumored to be due to fatigue and not a blown shoulder like rumored...more details to come later.