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Less than Stoked

With an injury to yet another member of the rotation, Brian Stokes has been called up and will start Sunday in place of Casey Fossum.

This of course is not the same Brian Stokes who won a Tony award for his performances on Broadway, this Stokes is the 26 year old righty from Riverside Community College.

Looking at his numbers for Durham this year he's been, average. 7 wins with 7 losses, a 4.11 ERA, a K:BB ratio of better than 2:1 (103:49), and a hit an inning.

Stokes missed 2004 with Tommy John surgery, before so he was rumored to be headed for a callup that season. As of late Stokes has been used in a reliever's role but will look to return, and possibly audition for a rotation role heading into 2007's spring training.

Make no mistake that Sunday may be Stokes first audition, and last, he's on the 40 man roster, but between Stokes and Doug Waechter you've got to figure one won't be on the 40 man come season's end, let's just hope after Stokes start tommorrow, we'll be cheering for an encore
Update [2006-9-3 17:19:36 by R.J.]:It turns out Brian Stokes first start didn't go as smoothly as we could've hoped. 4 innings, 7 hits, 3 walks, and 2 runs allowed left Stokes with a no decision. To be fair Brian he was only alloted 72 (he was on an 80 pitch count) pitches, and threw 30+ in the first inning. Keep in mind this was Stokes' first start in a while as he had been used as a reliever in Durham.