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Dukes: Destination Toronto?

According to a source off of and a radio report, the Rays and Jays are discussing an Elijah Dukes trade. The Jays would send pitchers Shaun Marcum and Josh Sowers (Jeremy Sowers, one of Patrick's favorite Commies, twin brother) in exchanged for the Wild Child known as Elijah.

Marcum pitched 78 innings and posted a 5.06 ERA for the Jays last season. He posted a 28-11 record in the minor leagues, along with a 3.42 ERA. Only 25, Marcum was ranked 11th in the Jays organization last year. BA had this to say on his pitches: 2 seamer that sits around 88-91, changeup versus lefties is a plus pitch, curve is fringy, 81-83 slider effective and can spot it even down in the count.

Marcum has had some homerun issues throughout his career, which leads some to think he's better suited for the bullpen.

Now for the other part, Josh Sowers. Only 23, some feel has the chance to be 'great', here's what BA had to say about the younger Sowers in 2005 "While he's smaller than twin brother Jeremy (Indians first round pick), the biggest difference between the two is merely that one is lefthanded and the other righthanded. Josh may have a better slider than Jeremy. He repeats his delivery so well on the pitch that it resembles a fastball coming out of his hand. His 86-90 mph fastball also has good late movement. Sowers is polished, with his brother's same intelligent approach to pitching." Sowers pitched at Yale and posted nearly a 9 K/9 to 1 BB/9 his senior season not to mention that he's very homer resistant.

Updates to follow if anything comes of this rumor.