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JOHAN Identifies the Rotation

We're only a month and a half from pitchers and catchers reporting so I figured it may be a good time to run the candidates for the starting rotation through, what will now be called the `JOHAN' system.

Yes that's the new name for the before mentioned `APA' system, simply JOHAN, named after the pitcher who seemingly owns everyone else using the system.

Here's the potential starters ran through JOHAN.

Basically the system says the rotation members (based purely on stats of last year) should be Kazmir -Shields - Fossum - Corcoran - Howell, the inclusion of Corcoran and Howell, not to mention the order, contrast from what many (including Jake and myself) feel what the rotation will look like, a la Fossum and Shields flipped, and Corcoran out.

Of course this didn't take into account the fact that Edwin Jackson and Brian Stokes are out of options and will have higher percentages of making the team (if only for a few starts) due to that, nor does it take into account age or contract status...all of which I'm thinking of ways to place an equation to partake in the JOHAN system.

  1. Demotes that the player's stats are based on BR's projected 162/650 PA numbers due to lack of innings (less than 60)
  2. ADJ is basically taking the very generous ( or in E-Jax's case, ungenerous) BR projections and cutting them in half (otherwise you'd have almost every projection in the top five, minus E-Jax)