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Notes from Around the League

Our good friend at MLB Trade Rumors reports that the White Sox could trade Joe Crede and a prospect to the Los Angeles of Anaheim of the United States of North America of Earth of the Milky Way Angels for shortstop prospect Erick Aybar. The reason being that the Sox shortstop Juan Uribe is stuck for all purposes in a legal battle.

Jeff Weaver is discussing a deal that would keep him in St. Louis.

J.D. Drew is still not a Bo-Sock, and there is really no resolution in sight. Also Red Sox owner John Henry has confirmed his team will make a run at the Rocket Man. Perhaps it's just me, but the Yankees need Clemens much more than the Sox.

Antonio Alfonseca has signed a one year deal with the Phillies according to his agent.

Finally we didn't really examine it yesterday, but with the new turf the DRO has seemingly made the infield defense improve with the thought that the new turf will slow down groundballs, allowing Zobrist, Iwamura, and Cantu to use their range (or limited range) to make plays that were previously groundball hits.

Also Carl Crawford is five runs from breaking Aubrey Huff's team record.

Also an interesting observation from Jay Bradley at Rays Baseball...look at Friedman's shirt in this nearly year old picture

That's a lot of blue for a team based in dark green.

Update [2007-1-15 23:36 by Patrick L. Kennedy]: Just to cover all the bases with this one piece, rather than making a separate one for a lone move, it should be noted that our division rivals in the Great White North have agreed to terms with 1B Lyle Overbay on a four year, $24 million contract extension to avoid aribtration with the slugger. This seems like an excellent signing in light of the circumstances surrounding the current market. Even though Overbay isn't a tremendous masher at first base, he reached career highs with a .312/.372/.508 batting line last year, and his career has absolutely been taking off ever since he was acquired by Milwaukee from the Diamondbacks. An average salary of $6 million a year for a guy with an .840 OPS? You bet I'd take that deal, if I'm Toronto.