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The Preliminary Live Blog Schedule

I announced about a month and a half ago that we were going to implement 'live blogs' during select days / games of the season. Basically a live blog will be a post in which the hostee updates with insight about the game, and the readers' keyboards go haywire with the constant F5 hitting.

At the time I said we would plan 10, and perhaps extend to as many as 20, well I decided to start looking at the dates and planning our five set days, with five to follow depending on intriguing pitching matchups / debuts / ect., so here we go.

Select Games

April 2nd - @ NY Yankees - Opening Day

April 7th - vs. Jays - Rays' home opener

May 15th-17th (exact game TBD) - vs. Rangers @ Walt Disney

June 22nd - vs. Dodgers - Colleti Bowl 1

July 31st - vs. Jays - Trade Deadline game.

Special Blogs

Amateur Draft 2007 (taking place in June)

Trade Deadline (July 31st)