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MLB News and Notes

The Randy Johnson deal is still not completed, there are many rumors circulating to who or what (in regards to the rather abstract rumor that the D-Backs would offer Johnson partial ownership of the team)the one name that keeps popping up is Micah Owings, who went 10-0 in AAA last season albeit without great stuff.

Now before we started cancelling the projected 'Perfect Storm' theory (Don't worry, I'll explain the whole thing tommorrow), I still think it's a rather safe bet that Yankees haven't reached that mythical 'little market mindset in a big city' that really, only the Dodgers have. The prospects they have acquired are quite overrated, albeit for older players or those of whom are living off one good year, but again more on that tommorrow.

Two of the six teams involved in contract negotiations with RP Chris Reitsma have been named: the Reds and Rockies are the only teams whose names have surfaced so far. Now why we think the Rays could be involved, it may not be as sure of a thing as you'd think considering Reitsma's health issues and overall poor performance last season.