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A Few Passing Thoughts

I'm pleased with the DRO's decision to release and then (hopefully) re-sign Shinji Mori to a minor league deal. If Mori somehow recovers from his labrum (see death knell for pitchers) injury and can become a functioning reliever, we win. If whoever is the 40th man can contribute, we win.

Now about that 40th man, in my mind it's either Victor Zambrano (yes the other part of the KazZam deal (thanks to Not that Chuck)) or a reliever, let's pray not Scott Dohmann who could be signed to a minor league deal as well (new term for minor league deal : a MiLD) and shouldn't have a 40 spot wasted on him.

If it is Zambrano, can he realistically compete for a roster spot? Perhaps he bumps Seo from the rotation? Would we trade one of Seo or Fossum sooner if we decided Zambrano or any of the other candidates were better?

A lot of questions will be answered once we find out the next move, which judging from the past, won't be the last nor will it be a careless manuever.