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The Non Roster Invitees as of now....

[editor's note, by Patrick L. Kennedy] Just wanted to add a little bit of background information on our "Casanova". He has spent parts of 17 seasons in the Mets, Padres, Tigers, Brewers, Orioles, Rockies, Red Sox, Royals, White Sox, and Athletics organizations. What a mouthfull. He has compiled 947 career major league at bats, putting up a batting line of .232/.300/.369. He has 2,897 career minor league at bats, with a line of .277/.343/.450 to show for it. He spent the 2006 season between A+ Stockton, AA Midland, and AAA Sacramento in the Oakland organization. This signing appears to be an attempt to provide minor league depth, nothing more, and I doubt the Rays could have found someone with more experience to do it. This guy is like Crash Davis, and has the "Casanova" tag to prove it.


Just wanted to touch on this before Patrick makes his transaction post, and I my 'Payroll Patrol' post...basically a list of our NRIs for spring training, with only one 'new name' on the list.

Steve Andrade
Gary Glover
Shinji Mori
Tony Peguero
Al Reyes
Doug Waechter

Raul Casanova
Yamid Haad

Hee Seop Choi
Jorge Velandia

Jason Grabowski
Dustan Mohr

The only 'new' name is Raul Casanova, the rest are basically everyone we've signed to minor league deals this off-season.