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Jake's Take: Looking into Paul DePodesta's "Lost" Laptop


Early this offseason, we signed Hee Seop Choi to a Minor League Deal. That's all fine and dandy, seeing as he's an OBP-machine to a point and has some "pop" in his bat. Worth a few bucks, if we manage to luck out again with our waiver pick-ups.

Now, I'm starting to think that we've somehow gotten our hands on Paul DePo's laptop with the signing of Carlos Pena. He's not so much a great OBP guy, but he's got a ton of power in his bat.

I'm getting a feeling that a trade for Jeremy "Model for Levi's Jeans" Brown might be in the near future. He's been parked in AAA for the last 2-3 years and we're not exactly loaded with catchers, plus I'm sure tons of Rays fans would be glad to see Josh Paul gone.

It's starting to get an eerie feeling, which isn't a good or bad thing. We're trying to make cost-conscious moves, by signing players who aren't 5-tool athletes but their "tools" are important in the team sense. However, it's gonna be tough to get all these 1B at-bats in Spring Training. We may miss something and a player may get sent back down to Durham who deserved to stay.