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List Time

I invite everyone to check out Rays Baseball's Top 25 Prospects list, our own Patrick Kennedy is partaking in the selection process, DRB will run our own within a few weeks and invite you the readers to begin sketching out your lists, if you feel so inclined as to email them to myself. We may post them / include them with ours if we get any turnout.

Other MLB News and Notes
Todd Helton is a still a Rock, for now, and it seems as if the Sox may not have to drain their farm system for him: Matt Clement and Julian Tavarez are being rumored as parts of the deal, now let's remember back to the last time those two were involved in a deal....oh yeah, the Dontrelle trade.

Our old friend Jason Standridge was released from the Mets.

Bernie Williams is still basically in purgatory as no word on whether or not the Yanks will bring him back.