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News and Notes

Update [2007-1-7 18:38:47 by R.J. Anderson]:

Rotoworld is reporting the Rays, Athletics, and Mariners still have some interest in Darin Erstad, who will resume taking batting practice on Monday....great, it is noted that he'd have to battle for ABs no matter where he goes, however unless we do one or two of a few things (including trading one of Dukes, Upton, Norton, Wiggy, or Gomes) I honestly can't see him signing a big league deal here, a minor league variety is a different story.

Left handed reliever Ron Villone is still looking for work, the Mets are amongst the teams looking into the nearly 37 year old, who is asking for a 2 year deal. It's not known if the Rays are one of the teams interested, though with the LOOGY of the 2007 bullpen more than likely being either Jon Switzer or youngster Jeff Ridgway that really doesn't spell well for Villone's prospects here, and he's probably too young for Brian Sabean's tastes.

Shawn Estes has latched back on with the Padres, signing a minor league deal. You have to figure if Dusty Baker becomes a manager anywhere again that Estes will be the first pitcher he calls.

Jeff Weaver is still looking for work, and isn't likely to get it while wearing a Mets jersey, odds are he'll lower his asking price on the 3-4 year deal he's seeking, and return to the Cardinals.

The first ever Rays 2B Miguel Cairo has agreed to continue to be a New York utility man, this time he chose to remain with the Yankees rather than jump town like he did a few seasons ago. Basically I'm pushing for a Miguel Cairo trophy next DRB awards: least valuable ex-Ray to a new team.

Remember my whole 'Unholy damned trinities' rants? No? I'll get back to that in a second but the Detroit Tigers have signed Timo Perez to a minor league deal...meaning that both Timo and Neifi could be one the same team. Please oh please let the Western Michigan alumn Dave Dombrowski call ol' Tomas up and allow for the Perez trio to bat 1-2-3 at least 50-60 times next year....please?

Update [2007-1-7 18:34:4 by R.J. Anderson]: The Boston Globe is reporting Rafael Palmeiro will attempt to return to baseball.