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Prospect List: #8

Yesterday Baseball America ranked Desmond Jennings as the top prospect in the SALLY League, today he falls just shy of the seventh ranking on our lists as the young phenom Jeremy "Hellboy" Hellickson overtook Desmond in the final hours.

The former ace of the U.S. national team, Hellickson has shown good poise for a youngster at his level. ‘Hellboy’ has a fastball of 91-95 with good movement; a plus 12-6 curveball that sits in the mid 70’s and has a decent changeup that should only grow with Hellickson. His small statue is the only concern, but the Rays have handled this with care, not rushing him to health and giving him a month in extended spring training to prevent him amassing too many innings in a given season. Did suffer a shoulder plate injury during junior year of high school, although has shown little signs of wear and tear.

I do have a personal announcement to make, but I don't feel it deserves its own post, therefore I posted it beyond the jump.

As you may remember when I posted the introduction concerning this list there was a renewed level of dedication factor to the project. To be honest I didn't expect to be writing this all of a week later, but funny things happen in life and most of the times change is for the best. I arrived here because of Jake's willingness to take a shot on an underdeveloped, to put it nicely, writer with an opinion on most everything and the ability to put together a coherent sentence, usually. Since I've learned a lot from everyone on this site, and along with being blessed with great opportunities I'm a product of my writing environment.

Now that I've gotten the sappy part of this out of the way perhaps I should actually get to the point. I'm now a part of the Beyond the Boxscore staff. No I'm not leaving, in fact for the large part my posting here at DRB should be unaffected, although as the Friday columnist over at BtB it's possible you could see a link every now and again to my new weekend home.

To answer the obvious in nice, non-time consuming bullet point fashion:

  • It's a sabremetrics based blog.
  • Quality > Quantity
  • Some of the brightest writers have came from BtB, namely Marc Normandin and the fabled Jeff Sackmann.
  • Obviously most of the content is non-Rays.
  • The logo is quite possibly the greatest thing ever, seriously:

Lastly I'd like to thank Jake and Patrick for their support amongst others, it's a pleasure working with two of the better staffs around.