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Prospect List: #15

For the second straight day we have a catching prospect taking a spot, today it's Michael McCormick who had a breakout season in Hudson Valley and it's probable that he'll stick behind the plate for the long-term.

No scouting report today, but here's a few interesting takes from BA chats, non-McCormic related:

Tommy (TheStatPack): Does Rocco Baldelli play 100 Games next year?

Will Carroll: Do rehab games count?

Tommy (TheStatPack): There always talk about Mcgee/Davis/Niemann, but what do you think about some of the Rays other arms like Jeremy Hellickson, Chris Mason, & Heath Rollins?

John Perrotto: Hellickson is the guy I hear good things about. Some scouts think he has a chance to be a pitcher at or near the of the rotation.

Tommy (TheStatPack): Who would you rather have the Yanks trio of Kennedy/Joba/Hughes or the Rays trio of Kazmir/Shields/And insert one of the following Mcgee/Davis/Price/Niemann

John Perrotto: At this point in time, Kazmier/Shields/whoever because they have proven they can pitch effectively at the major-league level. I really believe Kazmir and Shields can become one of the best 1-2 combos in the game very soon.

Ah yes, those crazy cats at The Stat Pack posted their weekly chat wrap ups and they even included this bit:

ndubby (yay area): Tampa Bay is the only recent expansion team to not sniff the playoffs because a) they're in the AL, b) they're in the AL East, or c) they were run by Chuck Lamarr.

John Perrotto: B and C, though a lot of the young talent there now is courtesy of Chuck LaMar. Though he justifiably took his share of hits, he did bring in some pretty impressive young talent.

I thought that question was intersting and the answer was better. I'd like to see what RJ Anderson over at thinks of it.

In case you hadn't heard, and there's no reason you should've heard, I'll be doing a little LaMaritis chat along with another excerpt sometime in the near future over at TSP. As far as interviews and DRB I'll have a few coming in the next few weeks (since the off-season is interview central) and it includes at least one person who I've mentioned in a few posts but never interviewed before.



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