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Powder Kegs, Bobble Heads, and Radio Sets

Armchair GM had a report recently that a source indicates the Rays possess "strong interest" in free agent catcher to be Jorge Posada. Although I can't confirm nor deny that there is potential interest, the likelihood in a signing acquiring is less likely than Napoleon Bonaparte coming stateside in 2012.

Posada would likely demand 10-15 million and for a soon to be 36 year old catcher coming off his career year I can't see the move turning out well. Over than Posada's likely breakdown you have to remember about that one guy, Dioner Navarro, he closed the season out with quite a second half; .285/.340/.475, 8 homeruns, 31 runs batted in, that in 179 at-bats. Let's not forget about Carlos Pena's 2005 second half, he'd hit .286/.345/.662 with 15 homeruns, and 30 RBIs in 133 at-bats, he'd be exiled from Detroit and the rest is history.

There's no other way to say it, but Navarro's a powder keg, and he's extremely close to exploding.

Speaking of rumors, cue Leo Mazzone to Tampa, it makes sense; Mazzone had success with a similar set of players (Glavine - Kazmir, Maddux - Sonnanstine, ect.), he also isn't afraid of a challenge, and his best friend is out of a managing job so why wouldn't he come to Tampa and become a pseudo-deity, in some ways it'd be like Lou Piniella coming home, only you'd hope this move would turn out a lot better. Perhaps this is why the Rays have been mum on the Jim Hickey situation?

One more name to add to the "to Rays" rumor mill, Keith Foulke is attempting a comeback, the Rays were supposedly interested in him last off-season.

Finally wanted to give a shout out to a good friend of DRB, folks if you have a radio around you tune in to 1010 AM from 2-3 and 6-7, Bobby Fenton is a huge part of the present and future of Tampa sports radio, although as soon as Fenton's first show ends you may want to flip the tune; I respect Mike and the Mad Dog, but no chance in hell I'm listening to them in a Tampa market.