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Yet another Gratuitous Evan Longoria Post!

From good buddy Kevin Goldstein's "Monday Morning Ten Pack"

3B Evan Longoria, Scottsdale Scorpions (Rays)

Longoria's stay in the Arizona Fall League will be a brief one, as he will change uniforms in a bit to suit up for Team USA. He's only 4-for-18 so far in five games, but he sure is making those hits count, going deep on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to tie Rangers outfielder John Mayberry and Nationals catcher Devin Ivany for the early circuit lead. While plans for Longoria's near-term assignments are known, it's his 2008 daily planner that's yet to be written in ink. There's little doubt that the 2006 first-round pick is ready for the big league test after hitting .299/.402/.520 between Double- and Triple-A, but the Devil Rays need to figure out a way to make room for him. The obvious choice here is to move Akinori Iwamura to second base and leave B.J. Upton in the outfield, but that leaves the Rays with four starters for three spots in the outfield if by some miracle Rocco Baldelli can stay healthy. One way or another, Longoria will be Tampa's third baseman, and a damn fine one at that, well into the next decade.

Suffice it to say, I chuckled at the Rocco joke.