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Speaking of the Pen

Today's BtB column focused on how the best and worst bullpens were constructed last season. With that in mind I did some research on the upcoming free agency class and while keeping the somewhat, kinda, maybe there budget restrictions in place, I formed some opinions on some of the names on the free agent market.

Matt Herges: 48% groundball percentage Herges struck out less than one per inning.

Randy Choate: A left-handed Shawn Camp with better luck and a side-arm delivery; wouldn't make an awful LOOGY.

Troy Percival: Rays showed interest earlier this year; statistically didn't miss a beat after sitting out a year.

David Riske: Can opt out of his contract, one of my favorites from last off-season, although his peripherals could lead to disaster.

Luis Vizcaino: The Yankees only dependable non-Rivera arm for most of the season.

Rudy Seanez: Old, but reliable.

Mike Timlin: Same as Seanez, lives near Tampa for what it's worth, not much.