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Prospect List 23

We're covering both Ruggiano and Pedroza, meaning we'll be ending this series on Thursday instead of Friday (barring more ties)

Ruggiano: Compared to Jason Bay -- the one that doesn't have two disable knees and leaning over a cliff -- in regards to not having any superstar tools, but just getting the job done. A personal favorite I think he can find himself as a reserve outfielder in the league, but that might not come with the Rays.

Pedroza: Sergio Pedroza is in same mold of Carlos Pena. While he's obviously not the strongest or largest player on the team, his swing/hands/bat-speed give him a power stroke that really no other minor leaguer can match. Vision problems and position changes aside, Pedroza has the upside to become a major leaguer but the ceiling may be as a 4th OFer or DH - Jake