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Decision Pending

I haven't posted a real opinions piece in a while but something about a cold front moving in and the World Series starting up has me in a writing mood so I wanted to take some time and address the Jim Hickey situation which is amazingly still pending a final decision.

If you'll remember about three weeks ago Hickey was arrested, the Rays issued a statement and we figured something would be finalized by the time the rest of the coaches learned their fate. Not the case, in fact we still don't know what - or when - something will happen. It's somewhat humorous that the situation hasn't been written or spoken about more around the area, look at the Elijah Dukes situation and compare it this in terms of press and fan "outrage" concerning the organization's careful and patient handling.

I would say the Rays need to dump Hickey soon or otherwise hurt their image but I'm not sure that's the predicament; this isn't being covered at all. Perhaps the missing key is the lack of tragedy in this case even then I'd point to Jay Gruden's arrest not too long ago, I remember hearing about it a lot more than this.

Hopefully nobody takes this as me wishing fire upon Hickey, I don't know him but from everything I've heard he's very charismatic and warm towards fans, I'm just wondering why this is such a non-story compared to other cases.